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Miyaji Music School RENTAL STUIDIOS

Make sure to fully practice what's learned in lessons!
Reservation-based rental studios are available to anyone!!

Sample Price List@ MUSIC JOY Ochanomizu

Grand Piano¥1,030¥2,060¥1,340¥2,680
Upright Piano¥620¥1,240¥820¥1,640
Two Grand Pianos Room ¥3,080 ¥4,120
Room Rental¥1,230~¥2,460~¥1,640~¥3,280~
Ballet/Dance Studio¥2,060¥4,120¥2,570¥5,140
  • The price and rental schedule depend on the schools.
  • The availability of the rooms changes frequently. Please be sure to make a reservation in advance.
  • Room rental price is applied to two or more users.
  • For those who are not students at Miyaji Music School, registration for a rental membership is required.